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A Fashionista's Guide to... Remembering Bob Marley

  • By Chawaine Reid

A Fashionista's Guide to... Remembering Bob Marley

Today marks the 35th anniversary of legendary Bob Marley's Death in 1981 in Miami, FL. He promoted world peace and affected the way that the youth looked at life. Marley also influenced the way that music would be played for generations. Besides that, he had impeccable fashion taste!

Here's whats on my playlist for the day:

1. Get Up, Stand Up  

Burnin' | 1973


2. Three Little Birds

Exodus | 1977


3. Redemption Song

Uprising | 1980

4. I Shot the Sheriff

Live! | 1975

5. Jamming

Babylon By Bus | 1978

6. Turn Your Lights Down Low

Exodus | 1977

7. Kinky Reggae

Catch a Fire | 1973

8. Waiting In Vain

Exodus | 1977

9. Buffalo Soldier

Confrontation |1983

10. Is This Love

Kaya | 1978

Jam out all day in honor of the King! 

XOXO- Chawaine from The Shine Team

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