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A Fashionista's Guide to... COOL THINGS!

  • By Chawaine Reid


The internet is the medium for all things new and cool! You know the Shine Team is always current and up to date with the coolest things so check out our little list! 

1. Kylie's NEW Metallic Matte Lip Kits for Coachella! They are sold out online but customers have been raving about the colors! 


2. Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game in the NBA! It's actually kinda sad, but cool nonetheless. 


3. The Revenant is on DVD! It's cool because this is how Leo got his Oscar!


4. Ice Cube's performance at Coachella! 

5. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart dressed as Superheroes at the MTV Movie Awards! 

6. Cosmopolitan showed us the new Spray-On Nail Polish trend! 

7. Beyonce's "Ivy Park" athletic wear clothing line! The website shows off the designs as well as some of the tracks from the album! 

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