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  • By Patricia Biggi

The hottest thing to happen this year has come in the form of Jewelry Styled Tattoos, which are metallic designs that can be applied temporarily to the body with infinite possibilities of combinations. All of a sudden there are girls with a trail of gold loops here, or a glimmer of silver arrows there… it’s unexpected, and super sexy. jewelry tattoos started as a summer trend but has quickly moved into the realm of a wardrobe staple that can flow into any season and the look is so on point. Celebrities are going crazy for them too and let's be honest- when was the last time the average woman could actually buy something that Beyonce or the Jenner girls, Kendall and Kylie, have worn? Pretty much never. With incredibly reasonable price points,  jewelry tattoos are an accessory that anyone and everyone can get in on and it turns out they are really versatile. The gleaming tattoos come in thousands of patterns and can accentuate any look from gypsy-chic to classy sophisticate.



A new company called #SelfieTATS has an amazing variety of hot deigns and patterns that cater to any mood. They encourage women to post a selfie on their favorite social media site while rocking their glam look and to use the hashtag #SelfieTATS to get their picture featured on the SelfieTAT website’s hall of fame and regrams on their Instagram page. Now that the fire of popularity has ignited, women all over the globe have started getting creative with the placement of their jewelry tats, which seems to make the imagination run wild



#SelfieTATS Jewelry styled tattoos add wow-factor to any look for a multitude of occasions and the biggest magazines and most widely read blogs have taken note.

Vogue raves about jewelry tattoos as a phenomenon because of their remarkable similarity to real jewelry, Refinery 29 blog suggests use them as nail art as beach season closes out, gushes that these tattoos compliment Selena Gomez’s perfect complexion in a recent sexy selfie, and the list goes on. Jewelry tattoos have been seen on the beaches of luxurious resort destinations, at nightclubs, festivals and concerts, and even around the office.




This particular phenomenon of modern style comes at a time when women seem to be craving the kind of image perception that says,

“I’m a free spirit. I’m deeply connected with all things poetic. I’m sexy, and I know it.”

#SelfieTATS are the perfect complement to a sleek bathing suit, fringey leather boots, a flower wreath headband, or a drop dead sexy LBD. They add a bohemian accent that really makes an exotic statement. Even if you’re not about to jet set to the islands or dance in the crowd at Coachella, if you put on some of these glimmery tattoos, you’ll definitely look like you’re on your way.


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