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A Fashionista's Guide to...Student Discounts!

  • By Chawaine Reid

Heading back to campus? We've compiled a list of  discounts for your favorite stores. 

UNiDays is the Holy Grail! Tons of stores come together on one platform to offer discounts to those who need it the most: Students. All you have to do is register as a student and you will be given full access to all the discounts. 


Students rely on their electronics the most for success in the classroom. With your student discount, you can receive up to $200 off your Apple purchase. That will definitely come in handy when you buy your new MacBook for the semester. They also give you a student discount for Apple Music! 


For those who aren't a big fan of Apple, Microsoft also provides a 10% off discount for you hard-working students! The new laptops are super cool, lightweight, and full of features. You'll definitely get a bang for your buck.

Bed Bath and Beyond

We know how important it is to make your dorm room as homey as possible. Bed Bath and Beyond promises 15% to students when they shop in-store. Check out Bed Bath and Beyond for all the essentials including items for your bedroom, bathroom, and beyond! 


Textbooks are not cheap! Check out Alibris for a huge selection of used textbooks and they'll offer you 10% off your purchase. Books, movies, and music are also available for purchase at Alibris.


ASOS is a fashionista's one-stop shop. With hundreds of styles for every body type, everyone's a winner! Head on over to ASOS and get 10% off your campus gear purchase.

Urban Outfitters

Besides their infamous cool kid fashions, UO also has a huge variety of decor for your apartment. Use your 20% off discount to purchase staple pieces for your wardrobe and items for your dorm room that will make you not want to go home. 


As a platform for trendy clothes for women, Boohoo is certainly doing its job. They are providing students a 40% off discount for all purchases. That means you can get tops, dresses, pants, shoes, and accessories- all for 40% off. GO. NOW! 

Now you are ready to take the campus by storm! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know how your shopping experience went! 



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