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Keep it Chic with Traditional Style Tattoo

  • By Alice Chong

Keep it Chic with Traditional Style Tattoo

Traditional style tattoos have made a positive impact in the ink industry. In today’s world, there are variety of styles that it can be easy to get lost in finding the right one. With ink enthusiasts seeking for more complex designs, the meaning behind it can also get lost. Tattoo shops are popping with new patterns and techniques which does need some clarity. When one is seeking a fresh new style, traditional style tattoos have been the classic choice for many people. The style has a combination of rich colors with coherence that had won the hearts of many people.


                     Photo by NY Society 

The traditional style tattoo goes as far back to the days of the sailor. Traditional tattoo style was done by sailors, inmates and people without a tattoo artist diploma, and with a primitive tattoo equipment. During the 1960s, Norman Collins, an iconic artist, invented this traditional style. His work was easily recognizable and sought after. Because of its extreme popularity, traditional style tattoos have not decreased in momentum over the years. Today, traditional tattoos can be found on people young and old, male and female, from many diverse backgrounds.  Even with the creation of new styles, traditional style tattoos have been a personal favorite to many.  


      Photo on Pinterest

Traditional style tattoos are popular for its unique color palette which include warm saturated colors. The key characteristic of why traditional tattoos is so successful because it’s known for its thick black or blue lines. Tattoo artists uses solid bright colors such as red, yellow, green and blue. The result is a bold, big design that can sometimes look prominent compared with more advanced tattoo styles. Some common styles that were used were patriotic symbols such as eagles. Over the years, the symbols expanded to classical nautical imagery with southern elements such as blue jays, banjos, and the rural lifestyle.

The tattoo can be a great source of a conversation starter as many designs are based from objects and animals. The tattooed image becomes an icon, an emotional symbolism on the skin. Today, the traditional style is celebrated for its clean graphic lines. Such imagery in tattoo art is meant to convey a person’s origins, history, or even their current location. Traditional style tattoos paved its way into history as being one the most influential tattoo in the market. Today, there are new designs that are fused with traditional tattoos such as roses, swallows, skulls, and daggers. 

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