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Top Trends for Floral Fashion this Spring

  • By Alice Chong

Top Trends for Floral Fashion this Spring

Spotted on the streets of New York, London, and Paris, florals are seen everywhere. From oversized dresses to handbags – the trend continues to dominate the fashion world.

History of Floral Fabric

You’re probably wondering, where did floral clothing originate from? Floral patterns are inherently beautiful and come in thousands of different textures, colors, and styles. The origin of the floral fabric can be found in Asia, where flowers are associated with the culture. In Chinese textiles, the flowers were woven into stunning, bright colored brocades or embroideries. The fabrics soon spread across India and Europe where floral designs were integrated into western fashion. Today, floral patterns are found in almost every style – from elegant to modern wardrobes.

Popular Styles

                                 Image by Forever 21

Flowers are a timeless trend and they are available in all four seasons. One can find floral outfits in high end runway models. One new trend includes tomboyish floral pants with blazers. The tomboyish floral patterns give the look of boldness. Another popular style is an abstract floral design. This style is popular for its added drama and depth. For a more mature look, there are monochromatic floral prints that have monotone combinations such as white, black, and grey. This will give you an edgy and stylish appearance.

For warm hot seasons, there are tons of shorts and tops that have floral designs. If you’re thinking about making a purchase on summer clothes, swap the pants with shorts. Floral shorts have always been the rage for the past years. Floral dresses are no exception to this – any fashionistas have owned her own floral dress.  Floral dresses bring a girlish charm with every outfit and accessories.

How to Wear Florals

To rock with a floral outfit, one must know how to combine their dress with the right accessories. First, it starts with finding the right dress. Check the texture and pattern of the flowers to see which one you like the most. For this look, we went with a bright white dress to display the pink and red flower patterns. We want to give this wardrobe a soft feminine vibe. The floral dress is then matched with accessories that have a similar undertone. For instance, the bracelet and sunglass have pink color to match with the dress. We’ve also included a brown bag and hat to balance the outfit with warmer colors.

Selfietats have an ongoing love for floral prints so we have tattoos that fit for the season! Our collections include floral patterned tattoos called the Flower Child. You’ll be amazed by how well it matches with the dress. You can place the tattoo on your arm, legs, or neck. It’s like wearing an actual tattoo but it’s on your skin. Your friends will be amazed by its metallic sheen that makes it seem like real jewelry. Best of all, it will make your outfit appear more feminine.

For fashionistas who are less willing to live in bloom all season long, the floral trend continues from previous years with printed pants, mini-dresses, sunglasses, shorts and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and enjoying the romance of spring. Perhaps, this may be a reason why the floral trend just won’t go away.

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