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4 Awesome Ideas for St. Patrick's Day Weekend

  • By Alice Chong

4 Awesome Ideas for St. Patrick's Day Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture that occurs on March 17. It is the acknowledgement of Saint Patrick who ministered Christianity in Ireland. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated globally. Many people wear various shades of green or eat green colored food to participate in the celebration. Are you in a festive mood? Here are some 4 awesome ideas you should try out this weekend.

1) Kid-Friendly Clover Hat

Source: Pinterest

For all the kiddos in your life, you should try making a clover craft with them! You can start by taking a paper plate and outlining the clover. There are plenty of templates to choose from online so you don't have to sketch your own. Once the clover is traced onto the plate, paint or color away. Once dry, use scissors or an X-Acto knife to precisely cut the clover from the center of the plate. Voila, just lie that, a clover hat perfect to rock throughout the day and at any parade you would attend. 

2) Decorate Your Home

                                Source: Highlights

When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the most obvious choice is wear a lot of green. You can also be creative by decorating your own house! Show off your love by displaying whether its with a floral arrangement or other decor. Since the Spring is around the corner, you don't have to take it down after the holiday. Leave it up and let it shine for the season.  

3) Watch a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

      Source: Flickr

Luckily, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t only commemorated in Ireland. Big cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago and many other cities throw huge St. Patrick’s Day parades. It usually starts in mid-morning till early afternoon. The parades are filled with music, dance, and delicious Ireland influenced street food. Enjoy your day with friends in a greenish vibrant party!

4) Have a Scavenger Hunt

      Source: Oopsey Daisy

Grab everyone in your family, no matter the age, and enjoy a scavenger hunt! The rules are that you need to collect enough clovers and win a special prize. This hunt can be an indoor or outdoor event. If you plan to stay indoors, the possibilities are endless of where you can hide the clovers. The prize? Well, whoever finds the most clovers gets chocolate coins. Serve shamrock cookies and it's a win, win for everyone!

St. Patrick’s Day is the day to party! Bring your friends over and plan out a schedule to participate in fun Irish games. The day is also commemorated for family-gatherings. When heading out to your local parade, walk with your friends and family together. Bring your buttons, pins, or jewelry to express the fun side of the fashion trend. It’s a great time to also learn how to Irish dance during the parade. You can learn to Irish dance by watching videos online. With all of this in mind, you will have a blast for St. Patrick’s Day!

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