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Looking to Get a Small Tattoo? Here's 6 Ideas!

  • By Alice Chong

Looking to Get a Small Tattoo? Here's 6 Ideas!

You finally decided you want a tattoo, but just what should you get? Better yet, where should you put it.

First things first, make you're working with a professional tattoo artist.  They can guide you in designs. Plus, with their experience they can design and sketch exactly what you have in mind. Still unsure of where to get your tattoo? Here's 6 spots ideal for smaller designs whether this is your first tattoo or you're an enthusiast just browsing. 

Behind the Ear

If you're looking for a discreet spot, with a bit of an edge, behind the ear is an option. If you have longer hair it's easily concealed whenever your hair is down. Yes, this new ink can be a sketch of an animal. It could also be your initial if you're looking for something more generic.


You've probably seen the growing trend of finger tattoos in recent years. People get anything from phrases to matching tattoos with their special someone. These are more obvious as your hands are always on display. As for the placement, it could be the side of your finder or right on top. 

Back of Neck

Similar to a tattoo behind the ear, a tattoo on the back of your neck is another flexible option. Aside from hair hiding the tattoo, an accessory such as a scarf or turtle neck are another way of masking it. This spot is definitely a spot most people would want to show off. In a way, it's your very own permanent jewelry. 


When thinking of popular tattoos, you may have seen someone with an ankle tattoo of stars or rosary beads. While most people where closed shoes majority of the year, these styles are always on display once the weather gets warm. Let's not forget vacations. The pain tolerance for these is a bit higher due to the bone beneath, but the anklet looks great.


Wrist tattoos are a great option because unlike the back of your neck, ear, or your fingers, it's not obvious. Someone would have to look extremely close to notice it. Wrist tattoos can be subtle with just a phrase. A more intricate design is one that wraps all the way around. Whichever style you decide can easily be covered with a bracelet or watch. 



An arm tattoo is more of a challenge since the space is so broad. There are many people that have what is called a sleeve. Similar to a long sleeve shirt, the tattoo runs from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the wrist. A half sleeve is from the shoulder to elbow. It's more of a mural with a combination of tattoos morphed into a collage. With a smaller design you can choose between the forearm or upper arm. Popular styles are quotes. These typically from a line from a  book, movie, song, or affirmations. 

There's our guide in a nutshell of common places for smaller designs. Still not ready to commit to the ink just yet? Give temporary tattoos a try. The designs give you time to test out a spot you'd like a tattoo and can last up to a week. Plus, you can test out multiple parts of your body at once before making a decision. 

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