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Tattoo Inspired Jewelry for Fashionistas

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Tattoo Inspired Jewelry for Fashionistas

Sparkle Like Gold: Tattoo Inspired Jewelry

Tattoo inspired jewelry is perfect for fashionistas! If you want to wear a piece of gold on your skin, Selifietats has a wide selection of tattoos that will make you look like you’re wearing real jewelry. The tattoo can be applied on the arm, wrist, neck, and ankle. Tattoo inspired jewelry is unique and makes your skin glow and sparkle like gold. Selfietats is the online destination for flash tattoos with intricate details. Love the skin you’re in and embrace your selfie queen.

Inspirations for Tattoo Inspired Jewelry

Selfietats tattoos design are inspired by real jewelry. Jewelry tattoos cause a commotion and are great attention-getters. The tattoos can be placed in pretty much anywhere in your body. Our jewelry tattoos feature tribal designs with prints that include prints of arrows, feathers, and symbols. The designs are inspired by Egyptian and Native American motifs, symbols and words. The origin of tattoo inspired jewelry was believed to be invented by a creative director, Peter Philips, who designed the tattoo. He based the designs on the fake tattoos of necklaces, chain bracelets and chain garters that models wore on the runway during the Paris spring collections preview in late 2009. The idea sparked further when the creative director saw images on beautiful women with gold leaf patterns on their bodies in a magazine. Selfietats takes inspirations from creatives and bring them to life. We provide realistic jewelry inspired tattoos that would make you look and feel special.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Tattoo

Our tattoos are beautiful easy to apply. All you’ll need are a pair of scissors and a damp cloth or sponge. When you are wearing the jewelry tattoo, you would need to make sure your outfit would match with the style of your tattoo. It goes great with short sleeved blouse and short pants. Your outfit is instantly upgraded with the subtle metallic accents of Selfietats. You can apply the tattoo like body art. Body art is the method of applying the tattoo across your arms, legs, or back. If you want to show off your tattoo in a subtle fashion, you can apply it on your wrist, ankle, or around your neck. Best of all, if you show off your tattoo inspired jewelry on social media, you will receive likes, shares, or comments. Your followers will notice that your tattoo looks different from the usual, and they would be amazed by the color, vibrancy, and design. The best thing about jewelry tattoos is that they last, they will last up to a week and be removed at your leisure with baby oil. Selfietats works for both male and female of all ages. When it comes to selecting the right jewelry tattoo, Selfietats have beautiful collection of prints. If you are someone that wants to have an extraordinary, colorful, and sparkling tattoo, then Selfietat tattoo inspired jewelry is for you.

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